Kolhapur City


Kolhapur is a multifacet city with people from different walks and religion living harmoniously with one another giving this place a wide spectrum of diversity and legacy of rich culture inherited that goes contemporary with modern times. The arena of erstwhile guerilla warfare tactics is now visualised in a reformed form in terms of modern educational systems, that's why the term 'Dakshin Kashi' right adorns it. Industries have surged in numbers, with a fortified base of foundry and casting industries that stands suppliers to the world. The biggest hub of ancillary and automobile manufacturing is a speciality of this region. Truly the biggest ever co-operative movement in Asia took place on this land that makes this region a agro based economy. The co-operatives in this region, proudly, are at par with the corporate and global standards with umpteen number of co-operative dairies, banks, pathsanthas, sugar factories, etc. strengthening the hands of every individual scoring him the city with the highest per capita income.

Painstaking efforts, hard work & lavish lifestyle are in tandem that gives an all together different picture of the whole city. A Kolhapuri stands out on any forum.

Kolhapur city in particular and the district in general is enriched with mind boggling and exotic tourist destination.


Current Projects

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